Hey there,
im auditioning soon to Berklee college of music,
and i feel very confident about the audition and the interview,
but my weak spot is the reading part - i have almost never used music sheets and notes to play music.

I know that you get 15 minutes, and 4 different bits, 8 measures each, ranging from very easy to very hard.

Does anyone have or know where to find music sheets that are good to practice that kind of skill?
i have found some that are good and done them, but some are either too easy for me, or too complicated, so im looking for something in the middle.

Thanks alot!
The notation reading section of the audition doesn't go into the realm of 'very hard' in my opinion. It's the play-in-time sight reading of the chords written above the notation that most people hang up on.

What kind of music do you like to listen to and play? I can search out a couple relevant sheets. Fake books are a great source of easy to intermediate sight reading.
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well, i've been playing heavy metal and rock for a few years now, but the last year or so i've been playing more classical rock, and blues.

Thanks alot, anything you find will be very helpful
Agree with vlasco here. Fake Books/Real Books whatever you wish to call them are great for sight reading practice.

Also it'll be a good introduction to jazz and you might find some tunes you like in there!