does anyone know the accuracy of the two weeks tab by all that remains on this site? i have been looking ins everal places and they all seem to be pretty different?
You should try to listen to the song and compare the tab. Everything that sounds different on the song than the tab, you could start to transcribe. That's the way to go, not just to rely 100% on tabs.
i have done this, but my band is doing a cover on this song and i jsut want it as accurate as possible. i also dont have a particularly good ear for stuff like that.
i was thinking i would just buy the album tab book at guitar center or something.
The tab books you can buy isn't necessarily going to be more accurate. But hey, it's a cover, not an exact copy of the song, so dont worry if its one or two notes wrong. As long as people can hear it's the song, you will be allright But if you still want it to be as accurate as possible, you might want to try and combine some different tab versions. Still, the best way is by transcribing. And one tip is to search for some videos for some live performances of that song to see whery they play on the fretboard.

But Im guessing they probably plays the song a bit differently everytime, as we all do, so dont focus on it to be as close as "all that remains", but focus on it to be as close as you.