I'm wanting to get a new guitar with a smaller neck heel. However, I also kind of want a "beater" guitar or one that I can get up to specs by swapping a few parts out.

How are the bodies and what not on Xaviere guitars? (GFS guitars)

How do they compare to the Agile guitars?

I'm looking at SG shapes by the way.
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no experience, but i can assure you project guitars are the most fun you could ever have.
just dont expect them to be excellent in the end, they're often not always worth the money in terms of playability. but they're great fun
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Xavier seems to be good. I have not heard any complaints though I have not gotten to try one out myself yet. I know from experience though that Agiles are pretty good. Douglas is not half bad either and the SX strats and tele's are pretty nice, there necks are thick but overall the playability is good.
I just need something with legit tone woods in the body and neck. I really don't care if it needs a pickup/tuner/bridge replacement or any action adjustments.

So long as it will feel comfortable and sound about the way I want with modifications. As far as I can tell, SGs have the smallest non-blended neck heel on set neck guitars.
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So basically if I buy it for the body and neck contour and that feels comfortable, I can mod it however I want and it'll basically be what I want?
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