I am a jazz guitar major in college. I consider myself more of an advanced player, but I still struggle with laying super tight tracks in sessions. I know part of this comes with time and practice, and I am getting better, but not as fast as I would like. I know some people are born with almost an internal clock where they naturally play right in the groove. But I tend to play ahead of the beat with faster songs, and I drag a lot on draggy songs.

Do you just play with a metronome 24/7 or is there certain techniques you practice to get tight? I know my upstrokes are a little weaker. I just don't feel the pocket as well as I would like to
Thanks man, thats a good lesson. I think it gives you more space between on 1 and 3 to be forced to feel where the beat is.

Ive never seen a chick play jazz guitar on that level until now
This is an area that interests me more than any other on the guitar... never cared much about playing fast and flashy stuff... that feeling of playing right in the pocket and landing right on the one is what makes playing fun for me.

But anyway I'm probably not giving you advice you never heard before, but a metronome will definetely help to tighten up your playing. A little tip: if you want more of a challenge try to space the clicks more:

Imagine a piece of music at 100bpm:
-You can set the click to every beat (100bpm)
-Once every two beats (50 bpm)
-Once every bar (25bpm)
-Once every 4 bars (5bpm)

Having a click for each bar is way harder than for each beat, but it helps a lot keeping time, especially when the drummer isn't guiding you.
Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Sw_trDFJw8 and think about and practice what it talks about. If you can get this stuff your sense of timing will be second to none.
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