I'm trying to get a cool present for this chick I've been seeing.

I was thinking about getting her a Christmas album on vinyl for decoration basically, and then burning her the cd or buying the cd also so she can actually listen to it, since she probably doesn't have a record player.

I know there's a Jack Johnson Christmas album out there, but I've had no luck finding a it on vinyl.

Most chicks are into that stuff I guess..

thoughts? advice?

also if you know where I can get that vinyl and want to let me know, that would be dopesauce.
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a cook book
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i'm not sure most chicks would want a vinyl record for decoration, but that's just my opinion. i'd say think more along the lines of clothing or something? maybe a hoodie and you can say it's because it's winter time?
Mop and bucket, oven gloves, new detergant.

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There's a stickied Christmas thread.
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