Got a line 6 Studioport UX1 for sale, itll come with a line6 account that has the metalshop pack and the classic pack also the fx junkie pack that came when i bought it

70$ plus shipping since it comes with all the extra stuff that were 25$ a piece ontop of the 150$ i bought it for, seems fair, good offer wont be turned down though

includes usb cable, 2 guitar cables, the original which is about 5 - 7 feet and works fine and a 20foot cable, and the line 6 account with the extras
of course, right after i finish my eggs gonna go borow a camera, so itll just be a few minutes! just a little warning the only thing wrong with the actual item is i used a sharpie to mark all the white letters on the top to blue, so thatll just wipe right off with some alcohol, i dont see it being a big deal

theres a few scratches on top and its a little dusty from not getting used but im wiping it off with some napkins and those were kinda linty, id get the blue off but i dont have any alcohol and wouldnt wanna use anything harsher then that since its made of plastic

also heres some screen shots of my line 6 account


i dont know why it says i have pod farm 2.5 because im pretty sure i dont