I'm starting to play more jazz, and I'm looking to swap my neck pickup on my John Mayer Strat for a humbucker, but I don't want to route out the pickguard. I know I could always get a new pickguard but if I can get a good tone out of a single-coil sized humbucker I'd like to avoid a new pickguard. Any suggestions on pickups?
Warmoth will do any pickup/control combination you'd want for $25. I'm not too sure about what pickups you'd be looking for though.
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dimarzio might be a good place to start.
andy timmons uses the cruiser bridge model in his strat in the neck and middle position. maybe not a jazz pickup, but dimarzio has plenty of other cool ones to check out that you can get for like 65 bucks plus shipping and whatnot. i've got an area T in my squier tele, sounds delightful.
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i have a seymour duncan hot rails, maybe try that? or a cool rails.. whichever you like man
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