Hay, Guys

Whatz up this is my first post on UG

Anyway here's my problem, What i wanted to do was, Use my home computer

To record some songs or riffs from my guitar, So i don't have a recording sound card

Or any other recording device i jest have a normal sound card with 1/8 ports

I use a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter to connect my guitar cable to my sound card

Now when i try to touch my guitar strings i get shock, Now i know what you will say it's

Ground problem but how do i fix it, Here's are some points

1. I got a new PSU so don't say it's PSU

2. The shock also comes when i touch the metal part of the case

3. Yes the 3 prong plug is connected right

4. I use a extension board because i only have one outlet to the wall with 3 prong

5. I touch the metal part of the case with one hand and touch the non-metal part of

The case with the other hand i don't get shock, In other words there is no static

I checked this with a tester, I hold the tester in one hand and i touch the metal part

With the tester i see the light on the tester, Now when while doing that if i put my

Other hand on the non-metal part of the case there is no light means no shock

So what should i do guys other then using a anti static wrist strap or putting my hand on the case while playing the guitar which is impossible unless i had 3 hands

Any suggestions ?
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Go buy an audio interface


It's a MUST.
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Sounds like the computer is grounding itself through the case. Exactly what psu do you have?
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Well like few days a go psu got burned so i had to replace it, But the shock was coming even

Before i replaced the psu i don't, Maybe motherboard is damaged or something

I can buy audio interface and ect.. stuff like others are saying but

I am more of a geek i want to know what the problem is and how to fix it,

And what do you mean by what psu you have ?
I'm afraid that we can't very well diagnose it over the computer. Try to see if sparks are arcing around in your case every time you get a shock.

No sparks mate, But i guess there isn't much i can do about it

But thanks for the help everyone, I will try to buy a audio interface or maybe get my pc checked out

But still thanks for the help