Doesn't say in the description of the class if I need an electric or acoustic. I'm assuming we bring a guitar to class... Does anyone know from experience if I can bring in a small amp and use an electric?

I'd ask the school but I haven't paid for classes yet and there isn't a teacher assigned.
Iunno about CC(I'm assuming that's community college?), but we have a guitar course offered at my school, and there are acoustics on the walls for use if you don't have your own guitar(granted, they're very poor quality guitars, refuse to stay in tune and mine's 6th fret is actually worn down to the point where it doesn't work on the lower 3 strings, but they ARE free to use, I guess. xD), but I've known at least three students to bring in electrics, and they're allowed to use them but there's nowhere to plug in. I'd go with an acoustic just to be safe.
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