So i just picked up a 1986 fender made in japan strat. all in know about is that the dudes who sold it to me took it apart, thoroughly cleaned it up, and checked to make sure the serial numbers matched (they do, E945056)). so i'm trying to find out what model it is. been looking online to see but having no luck. has the vintage style string saddles, single ply pick guard and the truss rod adjustment is where the neck meets the body on the heel. from what i've seen it almost looks like a 60's re issue, but the person that had it before me put what looks like fender plus roller string trees, and it has gotoh tuners (no luck loading pic ). it has the really narrow frets, which i haven't seen a modern strat. also the tremolo arm is the smaller vintage type threading. anyways, i've been trying to find out what wood the body is made of. it's either alder, or basswood. back to the main point. i listened to a guy who had an amazing american strat with the dimarzio injector paul gilbert single coils and was blown away. but i know for a fact his guitar wasn't basswood. i want to upgrade the pickups but i'm stuck between the fender custom shop texas specials, or the paul gilbert injectors, the vintage noiseless, or the david gilmour active emg's. by the pick up choices you can tell the sound i'm going for, so i'm basically looking for some input on what wood the body is. i play everything from blues to metal, but i bought this strat because lets face it every guitar player has a love for an amazing sounding strat. my ibanez RGA prestige can handle any heavy stuff i'm looking to contrast. i want that classic strat tone but i'm looking for some versatility/solid tone to play whatever's thrown at me. sorry the post is confusing, i'm just having a bit of trouble explaining what i'm after.... if it helps i'm after that classic single coil sound. no hum would be nice, but not that big of an issue. thanks all who are nice enought to respond!
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The pickups you mentioned won't be much of an upgrade to the ones found in your MIJ. Just hold on to it and enjoy it for what it is.(then again, if you are that adement about modding this instrument, by all means go for it.) These guitars are slowly becoming sought after among the Japanese Fender lovers because, more often than not, they are fine guitars.
As far as the body goes, the wood won't make too big a difference, and honestly, the pickups won't make you sound like the amp Gilbert was playing through either.
i think the guitar is already modded anyways. i haven't been able to find much about them, as in what kind of tuners they came with etc. i was just thinking of possibilities, but as you stated it may just be a better idea to leave it alone and play it as is. which is what i might do. in case i get tired of it down the road and want to sell it. but i doubt i'll want to do that.