okay so everyone tells me to practice with a metro when i say i want to become faster and more on point with my picking but how is one used and what are the different speeds of picking- and how do they relate to the ticking of the metro? can someone give me a break down? so..8th notes would be completing 8 notes between a tick and tock of the metro? and 16th notes is 16 notes within the same period? how is that even possible lol? also what is an average starting speed for a first time metro user and what is considered reasonably fast?like good enough to play , say thrash..not necessarilly new metal..help a brutha out.TY
I'm fairly certain I'm not wrong.

Usually you would set the metronome to tick in time with the quarter notes, so 8th notes means every 2 notes between ticks, 16th notes means every 4 notes, etc.

The speed at which you start with on the metronome isn't dependent on how long you've used a metronome. It's dependent on your skill. At what speed can you play comfortably? Start there.
The ticks of the metronome are the numbers, the n's are notes you play (as well as on the ticks) :

Quarter notes: . . . 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . .

8th notes: . . . 1 . n . 2 . n . 3 . n . 4 . n . . .

16th notes: . . . 1 . n . n . n . 2 . n . n . n . 3 . n . n . n . 4 . n . n . n . . .

Just remember 8th notes mean you play 2 notes per tick, and 16th notes means you play 4 per tick .. because typically a music bar has 4 ticks (beats).

So 2 notes per tick x 4 beats = 8 notes.
4 notes per tick x 4 beats = 16 notes.

I hope that makes sense .. probably not, ha, I just woke up.
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You need to understand one thing, a metronome does NOT make you "faster", its there to help make you more accurate.

You don't set the speed you want to play at and "train yourself up to it", that simply doesn't work. You set the metronome to speeds at which you're able to play comfortably and work on improving your technique at that tempo, improving your control, ensuring your timing is accurate and making yor movements as economical as possible. Once your consistently playing something accurately and correctly, then you can look at increasing the tempo by a few bpm. It's not a race, and this isn't something where you'll see overnight results - you'll be looking at a timeframe of weeks and months to see noticeable improvement.
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Set the metronome to 60 bpm (slower if you want)
Dont worry about the tempo,just increase the ammount of notes you play per beat.

I see no point in playing whole notes to the metronome set at 200+ bpm when you could be working on your timing by playing 3rds 7ths or 5ths.
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