Hey all

I have had the SA260FML for a while now, and love some parts hate others. It is like the only guitar of its body shape available to us lefty's really so having no other option (I cannot afford to splash out on a custom!) I am planning on modding it.

One think I wish to change is the neck. I was wondering if it would be impossible to replace it with another stock Ibanez neck as I cannot find the dimensions for the neck pocket anywhere. Ideally I would like to stick a Wizard neck on it as they play amazingly well.

I would also like to know if any other owners of this guitar or similar models know much about switching the pickups, and could suggest some that complement the woods used. I am not too fussed about the pickups being changed right now but would like information on it.

Finally, I am wondering if anyone on here know much about finish repairing. I had a terrible incident a year ago where some assholes basically destroyed the finish on my guitar, there are chunks missing out of the resin finish, the wood is still intack and unharmed thankfully

I know that the easiest answer to this post would be to "buy a new guitar" but being a lefty means it is not that easy. I love the body shape and weight and I cant find anything out there on the market that would be a decent alternative that wouldn't break the bank

Hope someone can help sorry about the wall of text