Hi all,

wondering how many of you are playing Schecter guitars. I have gotten more and more into shredding and heavier styles lately, and have been looking into guitars that would suit this style better than what I currently have (a Fender Jaguar and an '88 Greco Hollowbody).
I've been looking at a couple of ibanez models, esp and Schecter. Seems like Schecter guitars offer good deal for the money, just not sure as I don't really know anybody who's played one for a while so don't know how reliable they are etc.
So yeah, I guess I'm just wondering if any of you guys are playing Schecter and what are your experiences.
I don't own one, but I've played enough to know the quality control is hit or miss. I've played really good ones, and ones I wouldn't pay $200 for. I would really take a good look at those and make sure you are getting a good one before you buy. Look at the fretwork, specifically.

As for other guitars, the Japanese Ibanez's are pretty good, but I would stay away from the Korean ones unless you want to mod everything.

Haven't played many ESPs but I did like the LTD EC-1000. Can't speak for other models.

The Pro Series Jackson's are pretty good. Japanese made and great quality. You can find some really good ones for around $400 used that will rival some of the best Japanese made guitars you can find. I'd put them right up against the Ibanez RG5xx series.
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I've got a Schecter Damien Elite FR and it's my main guitar. I'm not such a huge fan of EMG pickups, but I'm lefty, and it was the nicest-feeling guitar I could find(we have a terribly limited selection). I've had it since June, and it seems sturdy enough, it's only got a LFR but I've been going absolutely nuts with the trem and it doesn't go out of tune much at all. The EMGs in mine can most certainly do modern metal but I'm looking for something a little tighter/treblier as I play 80s metal/hard rock-type stuff mostly(apparently EMG 81s are as tight as it gets, I've gotten a lot of raised eyebrows when I say I think EMGs have flabby bottom-end but my Dean has DiMarzios and it's hella tighter). I'd give them a look for sure!
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There good, real good
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i think there great.. my c-1 is great playing and sounding.. my brother has had an omen in jail for the past 6yrs with no work other then strings obviously the whole time.. last week i sent them an email about getting a new tuss rod cover.. a friday at 6pm and they responded in 10minutes and sent me one free the next day .. great company imo
Personally, I think they are fantastic but not without minor disadvantages.

My first mid-end guitar was a Schecter C1 Hellraiser FR. Compared to my other guitars at the time, it played like butter. Since then, I have spent a considerable amount of time fine-tuning it to play even better.

Then, I bought a C7 Hellraiser. It is fantastic. The only aspect I dislike is the string height relative to the body (not height to the fretboard- that is perfect). It's about as high as a Les Paul, which I cannot stand. I like the height on the C1 better.

Compared to my C24, the playability of both Schecters is only slightly less. Slightly. The EMGs have their place, and are excellent for certain tones but fall short with others. I don't like their clean sounds- that's when non-actives are my preference.

Durability is great.
Value is great.
Playability is great.

There are a lot of haters on here that love bashing Schecter and/or ESP for subjective reasons and don't really have any solid arguments against them. It's just like anything else.
Shecters are really good guitars. I have a schecter hellraiser special fr and it is excellent. The neck is perfect.
I love Shecters. My Omen (changed pickups and tuners over the course of 2 years) is a rock. Their higher end models like the C-1 and such are also fantastic. Great quality for the price.
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I'm a bit biased because I hate gloss necks, but I think the Hellraiser series is terrible.

I enjoy playing my friend's 006 model more than I do the Hellraiser.

I really like the Classic, though, and they can be had for pretty good deals used.
I got a C-1 Exotic a few weeks ago and it's hands down my go to guitar. The neck feels great, the fretboard is really nice to play on, and it sounds great. My only beef with it is that there's no forearm contour, and ive had two straight shows where it's bothered me. Not a huge deal, but if you're going to be playing for 1+ hours, then it's something to consider.
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Meh. I think LTD offers a more quality instrument, vs Schecter offering a more "flashy" instrument. I only really have experience with the Hellraiser series though. I would take an LTD Deluxe over a Schecter Hellraiser any day of the week, no questions.
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I have a Damien Fr. Love that thing. It was well worth what I paid for it.
Ive played some of the hellraisers and I like them well enough.
I might even get a hellraiser V for my next guitar.
schecters are alright for the money in some parts of the world but not others - in the US, they are sold at reasonable prices for what they are. in the UK, they cost 4x what they should...

what you have to be aware of with these guitars is that a lot of what looks good about them is purely superficial and contributes nothing to how well they function as a musical instrument.

Basically if a schecter is as far as your budget stretches then they may be worth checking out, otherwise i'd recommend some of the more high end guitars Ibanez and ESP have to offer if you can afford them. or a japanese schecter if you can get one - they are the "real" schecters.
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The Schecters I've played have all been very nice. But I can buy the ESP equivalent for less money, or a better ESP for the same money, because Schecter are stupid and have priced themselves out of the market. In fact for the price of some MIC Schecters you can pick up a MIJ or MIA guitar from brands like Jackson, Charvel, Edwards, second hand Fenders, Tokai, the list is pretty endless.

Check Schecters out if you're going to get a good deal on it but at full price you're better off looking almost anywhere else.
I have a Schecter Hellraiser Tempest for about 3 years now and i'm still loving it. :p
I was going to buy an LTD M1000 Deluxe but changed my mind when I got my hands on the Schecter.

Especially if you are looking for something heavy and hot, Schecters are great.
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I'm saving for a Schecter Syn special because it has all the specs I'm looking for and looks sweet. Sad thing is, there are no Schecter dealers in my area so I have to order it blind. The new Charvel Desolations are mahogony too, but lack the ebony fretboard and Duncan invaders--though they have the original floyd and emgs or duncan blackouts. Most Ibanez guitars I've played have felt really good and sounded good too. I've only played one Schecter, a used damien avenger with a floyd. I was imediately impressed with the build quality and it felt and played great. I've owned a Jackson DKMG and I'm still kicking myself for selling it.
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schecters are alright for the money in some parts of the world but not others - in the US, they are sold at reasonable prices for what they are. in the UK, they cost 4x what they should...

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Schecter are stupid and have priced themselves out of the market. .

I think I'm starting to understand why some people on here really hate Schecters. In the US, they're actually extremely cheap like Blompcube said. I really didn't know that they were over-priced elsewhere in the world.

I guess it's the same thing between Mesa and Engl amps, where Triple Rectifiers go for $700 used and ENGLs are $1800+ in the states, but reverse that in Europe... So I have been told, though.

Again, I really like Schecter. A friend and past co-worker of mine invited me over to his place back several years ago and let me try out his Schecters. A few days later we were at Guitar Center so I could buy one of my own. I picked up a C1 Hellraiser FR for $640 new and was given a few sets of strings too.

As someone who normally gets buyer's regret for everything, I can honestly say I have always felt both of my Schecters were excellent deals and I would have regretted not buying them. I missed out on an opportunity to get a Jeff Loomis C7 model for $500 NIB a month ago and I DID regret that.

As for the whole ESP vs Schecter argument... They follow similar design patterns. There's always the "add more abalone!" joke, but both companies love abalone. Personally, I think it's a neat touch. It's all preference.

But at least now I can understand why there's a bias against Schecter in some areas of the world. Before, I always thought people just had a grudge against them for some reason. If they were $2000 here, I wouldn't like them either haha.
I have a schecter solo 6 and I love it. But i also used to own an LTD mh350 or something like that. Both are good guitars, but you'll want to try the necks out to decide between brands. Very different profiles.
I love my c1 classic, but for shred it's a pretty thick neck. You should check out the deluxe line of ESP/LTD. My EC1000 is great, just get the model with duncans ;D
I own a schecter c-1fr. I love it: the main reason being its versatility. While they are in some ways designed for metal (and they certainly sound great with metal), it has some beautiful blues, classic-rock, and clean sounds. The only thing I would be wary of is 2 things:

1) Lower end schecters. They might look pretty but that doesn't mean they're good.
2) The size. Schecters, or at least mine, are beefy guitars. The neck and body are quite thick and the overall guitar is pretty heavy. If you are looking for a thin/light guitar look elsewhere (ibanez). That being said, the tone this guitar produces has great sustain (not sure if its because of the thickness but I like to think so ).

AND it is durable. Not that such a aspect is something you should base your decision on, but let me tell you, this thing is built like a brick. A year ago, my 8 year old cousin took it off its stand, tried to play it, then dropped it on my tile floor (like a 2 foot drop at her height) Needless to say my heart dropped with it. But somehow the guitar ended up completely undamaged. Don't ask me how. There was not a single scratch, no crack, no warping of the truss rod, it didn't even go out of tune! I took it to my local shop just in case, and they said it was in perfect shape.
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In the US, most guitar brands from low-end to high-end are very affordable, compared to most everywhere else; so, it boils down to preference and budget. Everybody else should be so fortunate.

Cheap and basic or awesome and custom, it depends on how much scratch you're willing to spend. But, you need to audition it first.