I play guitar mainly at home and sometimes jam with a few friends, I have/had a second hand Marshall mg30 which was good enough and loud enough, but its now defunct and I'm needing a new one.

I went to the store near me and tried 3 amps, the latest mg30 (£149) a line 6 that I cant remember the name of, it was 30w and had a lot of tones etc (£159) and a blackheart 15w handsome devil (£199).

Of those 3 I found the blackheart to sound the nicest with the line 6 sounding a bit crap and the mg30 doing as I expected really. I get a few more options with the mg30 in terms of overdrive, delay etc.. but I also have a zoom g2.1u which pushes me back to the blackheart.

So basically I'm undecided between these two but I'm open to other suggestions, these three are what were in the store around my budget.

I'll be doing some recording with a buddy of mine who has a Roland electronic drum kit.

I also play a 94' telecaster.

Any suggestions and recommendations are welcome
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I'd get the BlackHeart. you have a multi-FX so why would you need built in FX's. The cheap Line 6 amps are not that great and nether is the MG.
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The Blackheart is a great amp. I love mine.
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I've heard good things about Blackheart amps.

More options for you to consider:
- Roland Cubes.
- Vox DA series.


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I'm guessing the Line 6 was a spider, aside from my Marshall I have a Spider. Don't buy it.

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If you have a multi-effects unit, this is pretty much a no-brainer: Blackheart.
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