I'm not actually a dendrophiliac. This is a song I wrote based on a dirty joke trend I came up with. It's pop punk in B.

There's a fu**ed up guy
In Pennistone Park
He's doing it with the trees
He's tearing them apart.

I'm a dendrophiliac
Yes I am.
Something's growing
And not in a good way.

Let's drive on down
To Pennistone Park
And see what goes where
In the dark.

Spreading his seed.
And not in a good way.
Woulda gone on her joyride
But something's moving outside
There's a f***ed up guy
****ing oaks and pines.

Something's growing
And not in a good way
Doing it with the trees
All day.

The tense changes from being a couple seeing, to actually being, an old guy having sex with a tree. It's supposed to a fun song, so if the WTF's were kept to a minimum that'd be great. I'm recording it in a couple weeks- if anythin can be improved on lyrical grounds, leti'rip.

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I actually really like it it needs a joke about him spreading his seed tho and the Blooming his flowers verse isnt as good as the rest imo
Cool lyrics dude, haha! Punk can sometimes have that WTF factor in its songs. Probably gonna sound great when recorded
@knutjob Thanks a bunch! Spreading the seed works much better
Thankya too, señor Thrash.

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no worries I like humorous lyrics, being the joyful chap that I am theyre pretty much the only thing I can write
That was pretty funny lol, great work
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