Im not sure if this is in the right section, but anyway...

I took my jackson liscensed floyd rose apart for some cleaning, and when I put it all back together, I noticed that the saddles had some height differences.

So I took the saddles off,

Two saddles have "1" engraved on the backside, two have "2" engraved, and the last two don't have anything.

How would I go about putting the saddles back in their correct spots?

Anybody have the same problem?

the lowest (probably no.2) goes for E+E (aka 6th and 1st), the middle (1) goes A+B (5nd and 2th) and the highest (no marks) goes for D+G (4th and 3rd)
Just tried this, pretty spot on. I appreciate it man. I guess the saddle height difference is just for following the curvature of the neck.