Hello everybody...
First, I'm not an english speaking person so forgive me for my mistakes ( if there are somes )

here's my question, I'm trying to find out my own sound setting orientate in epic but as my bass's sounds are pretty good, my high ones are pretty bad and don't realy seem epic..

So does anybody could give me tips of what kind of setting make a sound "Epic" like more medium... low distortion.... a few delay.... and stuff...

I'm still a novice at guitar ( about 2 years of playing and still playing alone ) and I don't hope to be as awesome as rhapsody, nightwish and the others. I just want to avoid my actualls settings which make my guitar sounds like an asthmatic person ( for who I've got a deep respect )

My gear :
- Cort evl z6
- Roland cube 30x cosm
- Boss pedal MT2 ( metal zone )