So, I've got a Yamaha DD-55, but I want to put it through my computer, and then into an amplifier.
I've read that putting it through my regular guitar amp would be murder to the equipment, and I thought that maybe a bass amp could handle it.
It's nothing fancy, it's an IBZ10B 10 Watt Bass amp from Ibanez.

Here's a link to the amp's specs:

I was hoping to plug the output of the Yamaha to the mic input on my laptop, and then plugging the speakers from the laptop to the bass amp for feedback.
I'm trying to avoid the laptop speakers because I don't want them to explode.

The reason I'm doing this is so that I can record my drumming into some software with some simple equipment.

So, can I use the bass amp without it getting ruined? Or would I have to resort to some other means (if so, please specify)?

Thanks in advance.
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