Hey guys.

Just bought my BOSS SD-1 today, modded with Monte Allum's GT. Amazing. Really, I was saying that the Fulltone OCD was the pedal for me, but after playing a few minutes on the SD-1 I realized that it was meant to be mine.

I'm looking for a way to achieve something close to Zakk Wylde's tone. My gear is at my signature.

I'm just not sure how boosting a tube amp works. What settings would you guys recommend?

After playing for about one hour I've got Level 4, Tone 6 and Drive 7.

Remembering that the Monte Allum's mod made the pedal have a LOT OF BRIGHT it is really amazing.

And I know that I have to hear and found my own tone... but I'm looking for a point of start for not playing 3 hours just to achieve something good. If you guys could give me some tips it would help.
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set your amp up for your normal rhythm crunch/distortion tone

set your pedal with teh gain around 0, and the level around 12 o'clock, and i guess teh tone around 12 o'clock.

turn on the pedal, see how that sounds. if you need more boost, increase teh level or teh drive/gain knob (whichever sounds better, probably level, but it's personal preference and also depends on what type of tone you're after), and if it's too bright or dark adjust the tone knob.

actually i think zakk has the gain up pretty high on the sd1 too, so don't be afraid to push it, either.
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yeah thats about accurate. try it on the dirty channel w the pedal set like that. if you want to overdrive it, you are pushing it harder, not creating the sound. your your pumping gain and higher output into the crunchy preamp and taking it to the next level rather than getting the tone from the pedal.

if you will notice, if you keep the gain at 0 and the level up, the volume will not really increase much but there isa drastic change in tone/gain on the dirty channel.

the higher you put the distortion or gain knob, the pedal is goin to have to start getting crazy loud and your going to have to back off the level. that because your relying more and more on the pedal.