Me and some friends are attempting to create a video game. Being the only real musician of the group I decided to take up writing the music. However, all I really have is a keyboard, guitar, and craptacular Audacity (the recording program). I don't have much equipment, nothing that can really record with good quality. Also I have a theme in my head, but I can't seem to convey it onto my keyboard. So does anyone have any tips or ideas on that?

Also If anyone here has any experience with making video games, feel free to pass them on (We'll be using UDK3).
Just record a bunch of ideas using the keyboard and guitar. I use Reaper for recording. Some people dont like it but i love it as its reasonably intuitive. When i have ideas for songs, i just record loads of riffs and then string them together. If you have some money, invest £70 in a Line 6 Toneport GX. Its what i have and although its low end of all the Line 6 recording products, i can get some sweet tones out of it once i spend time on it. Youll also be able to record the keyboard through that.

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Depends on the game.

For example,

IF I was playing Elder Scrolls Skyrim, I'd expect a instrumental symphonic score

If I was playing super mario, I'd turn off all the sounds and turn my own music on
You should write music like what's in I Wanna Be The Guy. Granted, a lot of it is music from other games, but some isn't. It also has the coolest theme when you die. Link to the download is here. One of the hardest games ever.

You can record decently with what you have, but like what was said before, it helps to have an interface and a better program than Audacity. I use Sonar and it's really good, so you may want to look into that.

EDIT: With Sonar you can write music in it with MIDI, and use that. It's surprisingly good and comes with a TON of programmable sounds.
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