frist of all to exuse my grammer its already poor and im on a ipod.Now i am using a friends amp since mine is to weak for band pratice.I am using a creat blx 160 i think so list of problems. 1.when ever i trun any control it crackels 2.some times when a i am playing a note it comes out in a (uhmm) aasdfgdadfgfhtfrdgdthrh and thats just the way i can describe it 3.it dosnt allways trun on.Now my friend said if i can fix it i can use it when ever hes not sounds like a deal so can you tell me whats wrong with it i thank you advance.
The main problem is it is a Crate bass amp.
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snap got 'em.

but anyways it sounds like a piece of junk. get one yourself

in short, never trust friends. good bye