i bought a Roadhouse Strat a year ago, and while i love the tone i get from it, the Bridge pickup with those texas specials is thin and brittle...even though its a 3 pickup set can i still have the bridge pickup swapped? or would i need to replace all 3...

any recommendations if possible? dont need humbucker thickness, but a little more body to it at least.
and what kind of music style u play ? blues/jazz ,rock, funky , etc?
very usual single pickups imo are Jeff back signature or hotrails from seymour duncan but this are humbuckers

this are imo for rock music
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50s/60s influenced rock, so mostly clean, but some breakup...i run it into the Bassman, and every pickup is fine, except for that bridge...not looking for a hot pickup, just want something with a bit more thickness...

i assume those pickups come in a set of 3 already connected, so i'd need to take it somewhere to get a seperate bridge pickup installed, but i'll look into the jeff beck ones unless someone has another suggestion...im new to strats, i usually stick to LPs.
I'd look at stacked single coils for what you're looking for. The texas special is already fairly thick as far a "true" single coils go.
strat bridge single coils always tend to be thin. i have a usa strat with texas specials, that's just the way it is.
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