what is the normal rate to have an electric guitars frets leveled and dressed. i live in oklahoma if that matters. i have four guitar with fairly shitty frets and need to either have them done or if i could get the files from stewmac, i probably could do the work myself. i have built many guitars, but always bought already made necks......
On four guitars it would be cheaper for you to buy files than to have them all professionally done. However that is the difference between a professional and you learning yourself. If one or any of these guitars are not incredibly valuable and you feel comfortable than you might as well take the opportunity to learn. It's not hard, just be careful.
Im not sure, in my town it cost between $100 to $150. I suggest you get the stumac files. I did my first fret leveling a couple weeks ago with a 12" mill file. I got the action lowered a little bit but I think I just didnt get the neck straight enough.
Buy the files, diamond ones if you want the best investment. I would have bought my own if I had known I was going to do three fret levels in a row. That cost me about $300 total. The files would have been about $100.
Sullys guitar garage on youtube has videos showing how to do this.
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