I was stuck on it for a few months..........................then 5 minutes.
Just because I didn't know how to practice it.
Then my guitar teacher told me to strum each chord 4 times slowly and then move to the next chord, thinking about where I was going to move while I strummed. And it did it. Yay.
Depends on you, completely. Hard work and practice pay off immensely though. After long enough, chord switching just becomes muscle memory and you do it almost automatically.
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I had played bass for a year before picking up guitar and at first I couldn't do chords well for like a month. I could play half-assed power chords ok but I didn't know anything about muting strings until I had been playing for like 2 months. Some chords are easy to get (G, C, D) while others are always more difficult (B, F). I cut a lot of corners while learning, for example I played an A chord with just one finger, which technically makes it a different sounding chord cause I wouldn't be playing the high E string open. I still play A chord like that cause I'm so used to it. Take your time while learning to get chord formations down correct, even if they feel awkward at first.
check out justinguitar.com there are some great lessons there on how to practice chord changes.