Hey guys!

I currently have MILLENIUM PD-222 double bass pedals and I'm considering buying DW 4000.

My question is: are the DW 4000 better than MILLENIUM PD-222? I'm honestly not satisfied with my current ones. Tell me forum – is it an upgrade or downgrade?

I'm gonna repost what I said to someone else a few days ago.

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I've always been recommended not to get to sucked in to the double pedal adverts telling you that you can only play faster with x or y pedal. Buddy Rich and John Bonham played on old cheap pedals and they could both play really fast. I brought a set of Iron Cobra Rolling Glides and its never effected my playing when using other pedals, but I'm sure they will last me forever. But anyways, my point was I wouldn't worry about investing to much on a double pedal.

If your really desperate for an upgrade go try some out in a shop if you can. But I think you might be expecting more than you get. I brought Iron Cobras and I certainly was, not that they arn't great pedals.
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I have the Dw 4000 double pedal it's a great pedal but It's not my kind of pedal . I don't play double bass anymore because I can play fast single so i use it as a single and it's very nice.
What's your budget ? I picked up my Cobra Powerglides used, yet mint for a mere $190, and that was through guitar center, So I'm sure you can get a hella good deal on some used cobras if they're in your budget or to your likings. I've only played the DW5000 pedal, and it was super smooth, but didn't perform any different than my Cobras would. If the DW4000's are similar to the 5000 series, they'd easily be the last double bass pedal you'd need to buy unless you're wanting a professional pedal and you're out on tour and don't trust your gear.
Also, don't hate me for asking, but do you keep the chains well oiled/lubed on your pedals you use now, and have you tried adjusting the springs? It sounds extremely common knowledge, but you'd be surprised at the people around here who say their double bass pedal is too "slow" when the chain is gunked up with dirt and grime and the pedals are squeeking.

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