I went to the guitar shop today to try and sort out my new guitar. I had with me my Vypyr 30 and a brand new Fender Pawn Shop Mustang. I'd played it before and thought it sounded nice, but I decided to go back again to give it another try. I set my stuff up and start playing some nice distorted chords. I had to modify my amp settings a bit to sort it out for the guitar. However, I just wasn't getting along with the feel of the guitar.

The tone was mint, as was the body and neck, but for some reason, something was putting me off. I have a feeling it was the strings. It was set up with 9s on a short scale neck, so they were very very loose, making solos near unplayable for me. However, the tone and everything else was really really good.

I've since dismissed the guitar as I just wasn't getting on with it. However, looking back on it, I think it might just have been the strings that were getting to me. If I say, put 10s or even 11s on it, would that perhaps cure the problems with the strings being too loose?
So should I ask the guitar shop to put 10s or 11s on it and try it then? Would that make definitely increase the tension? What would it do to the tone?
I don't think a shop will change strings for you unless you're definitely going to buy the guitar. Even then they'll charge you for the strings and for changing them.

A short scale guitar is always going to have a looser feel than standard scale. Plus it may not have been just the string tension putting you off. Have you played short scale guitars much before? You might get new strings on it and then find you still can't get on with it because the scale length is just too short for you.
I've never played another guitar with the shorter scale, so it might just that I'm not used to it. I think I'll definitely try it a couple more times just so I can really get used to.
Went back to the shop to try it with the thicker strings. My word did they make a HUGE difference. The tone was a lot nicer, the feel was a lot nicer and I just felt much comfier and happier playing it. I've decided to order the guitar also
I'm gonna put thicker strings on the really short scale (your 24 is 'normal' mine is 19) which I got last week. One of the frustrations I have with it is strings bend way too easily, when you arent expecting it.

I seriously doubt I could tell the difference between 24 3/4 and just 24. I dont notice going back and forth from 24 3/4 to 25 1/2.