Hi everyone,
I have a problem with my guitar, there is a noisy signal when I'm not playing anything. When there are no vibrations.

At first I thought my cable could be defective. I used another cable but I still had the problem.

Then I thought the problem could come from my sock. I have plugged my amp somewhere else but I still had the problem.

Then I plugged my guitar into my POD instead of using my amp. And I still had the noise.

So I guess the problem may come from my pickups... What can be wrong ?

I have recorded the signal : http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/MattyPS/music/all/play1065275
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Do me a favor and try this:

1. Touch nothing that is metal on your guitar and see if it makes the noise.

2. Touch something metal (string, bridge, tuning machine, etc.) and see if it stops.

Does the noise stop when you touch something metal?

If it doesn't, it's beyond my knowledge.
I am sorry for the LATE reply, I couldn't answer before...
So the noise doesn't stop when I touch something metal. It just "suddenly" starts or stops.
Also, if I higher the volume then the noise is bigger.