Whats your signal chain look like right now?

Should be Guitar - Input of the RP then Output of RP to Input of AMP

Keep in mind that its probably not going to sound great since well, but it looks like your not getting any sound at all. Can you verify that you get sound if you connect your guitar to the amp? If So, try to connect your guitar up to our amp directly using each one of your cables. This would tell us if one of your cables is bad.

(Which is what it sounds like to me)
Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH
you seem very frustrated in the vid. I couldn't even see what cables were plugged into what. I would say, to answer your question - it might be because you are trying to run a MFX pedal into a Line 6 Spider

It's a line 6 spider jam, could that be it I've used this pedal on this amp before is I know it should work