I changed the strings on my fender strat for the first time ever today. I went up 1 guage from .10s to .09s (factory strings) to try and get a better tone, and I play acoustic guitar also anyway so a little thicker does not bother me.

anyway so I changed the strings and now the extra tension on the neck is pulling the bridge to basically maximum...and it's rasing my action a significant ammount (well im pretty sure it is).

I tried screwing the 2 screws above the 3 springs but it's hard going (I don't really have the right tools for the job...the screwdriver I used is from a christmas cracker but it fit the screw but its not long enough it's hard to get a full turn, im going to go to the hardware store for a propper screwdriver tommorow anyway).

I detuned the strings a full step to compensate for the extra tension im adding by screwing in the screws, the bridge moves forward. but the problem is when I tune up again to standard (EADGBe) the bridge just comes forward again like iv'e not even bothered to screw in the screws...

so im wondering how can I fix this? should I have screwed the screws in before I put the strings on, because now screwing them in is hard becasue of all the tension...please help
sounds like you need an extra spring.
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right now iv'e jammed a little bit of wood in between the end of the trem system on the other side of the guitar... forcing it to be stuck on the ammount I want it raised. I never have and probably wont for a long time use the tremolo anyway so should be ok...

tuned up, had no problems and played it for about 30 mins...might just leave it like this
If the action is really high you could learn slide guitar
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I think I can put the plans to learn slide on hold for now.

I went and bought the right tool for the job, screwing the screws in was very easy. the bridge now sits almost flat against the body, how I like it.