I have the AC30 version and the tone is actually pretty damn good for what it is. It doesn't compare to the real thing but if you need to practice quietly its a good solution.
For a headphone amp, I'd go with the Line 6 pocket pod. It's still not the best sounds thing in the world, but it's one of the best headphone amps in my opinion.
I also have the AC30 one and it's pretty bitchin. I also have the Bass one as well for what they're designed for they do it pretty well. They're not tube tone but if you're using it for silent practice they're more than what you need. Then again, looking at the Pocket POD Express that seems cool too since you also then have a few effects. I have no experience with them but if you go to your local music store and check it out, you might find you like it.
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I have the classic rock one. Its supposed to sound like an SLP, i think? Or maybe an 800. Not sure. Gets the job done though. Actually used it to record a little fuzz diddy on one of my demos not too long ago. Of course it doesn't sound like a real amp but for practicing it's a great little gadget.
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I quite like my little AC30 amplug. You'd have to have a damn good imagination to think it actually sounds like an AC30 but it is certainly good enough for some silent practice. Decent headphones makes all the difference.
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I picked an AC30 up to use over here and quite like it. It's bare-bones, but for what it is, it's a worthwhile purchase. The Pocket POD looks fine and perhaps more versatile, but I like that the AmPlug goes directly into the guitar with no cable necessary. It looks like a size vs. features situation between the AmPlug and the POD. I can't comment on the sound quality of the POD. Test them out. Good luck.
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ok thanks guys.its actuly gona be an xmas present for someone :P .i use a marshall