Hola peoples!

Not really been round these parts much, but still. I've no job at the moment and chewing my hands off so I was thinking doing up an old guitar might be fun. I have an old Squier Affinity P-Bass that must be about 7/8 years old now which I play regularly but I know isn't the greatest tone/playability wise.

So I was thinking a new neck, new pick-up, adjust string heights and all that jazz (maybe strip the paint). But would it really be worth it if the guitar is of that entry level quality? Would it be more sensible to buy a new bass?

Thanks for any replies!
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if it was just hardware or pickups i would say yes but a new neck and possibly paint wouldnt be worth it.

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It all depends: if you do have money to spend, and want to give yourself a treat, then you could get a new, quality bass. However, if you want some good modding experience, and a fun project, then go for modding the squier, since it'll probably be cheaper. Also, modding a junker if always worth it, since if you pick the right electronics and hardware, you'll have an instrument on par with a good mid level guitar, and again, it's a lot cheaper then blowing 800 dollars.
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outside of the neck id say yes.. there not bad but dont spend too much
the old Squier basses are pretty solid instruments, imo, and I don't see the harm in upgrading it. Seems like it would be a fun project and you would get a better guitar out of it. Just don't expect to ever get any money out of it that you put in if you go to sell it in the future.
Wow, lots of replies thanks guys. Well now I just have to work where to begin.
I have a Squire Strat, that I've been upgrading for over a year. My friends would disagree, but I believe it'd be definitely worth it. The thing about upgrading is that you can get everything customized to what you like. If you bought a new bass, it might not come with the pickups you want, or the right neck feel, etc, but by customizing it, you get everything you want, at a much better used price. I say better used, because it might not be a whole lot cheaper, but the money would be spent on making it your bass. Hope this helps!
new pickups and pots..tuners, bone nut and a nice bridge and it would be a nice guitar
What don't you like about the neck?

As mentioned, electronics, nut, PUs will always help. If you have the scratch, a BadAss II bridge. Sometimes you can score a nicely-priced one from eBay, if you're patient and monitor it.

A new paint job is always fun; but, if you want challenging, route and make it a P-J PU combo.

your 1 guitar body away from a new custom guitar. get the neck, body, u were already planning on the hardware and electronics.

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Ippon - I wouldn't even no where to begin routing a Jazz pickup. The shed I'd be doing this in is about 2 meters long and a meter wide. And the neck is just a bit too wide and thick for my hands.

Esptro - I kind of wanted to do up my bass because then if I don't see it through I won't have a guitar left. Plus it just wouldn't be the same.
you could always sand the neck down to make it a thinner profile. In the US guitarfetish.com is a good but inexpensive site for hardware,pickups and lots of other stuff.
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I could but a) I'm not sure how far or what to sand to do that, and b) I was thinking of changing to a maple fretboard neck.