Ok so when I turn on my amp ill get a really ugly, loud, odd sound. Now, if i reset the channel (press the channel button that I'm on) it goes back, and everything is back to normal. Also if I turn off amp, and change the wattage, then turn it on it stops. Also, it happens with or without a guitar plugged in.

Any Ideas welcome THANKS!!!

EDIT: So I just found that if I even touch a loose cable to the amp's input the sound starts.
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Is it under warranty? Sounds like a mechanical failure or defect; ie nut something you can't fix.
No amp tech will touch a digital modelling practice amp, the cost of repair would probably be more than the amp's worth.
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thanks guys, it's stopped for now... But if it resurfaces I'll probably have to get a new one...

Also, out of curiosity, could this mess my guitar up?
You like IHOP??? Socialist!!!