I play mostly metal and I have recently joined a hardcore/metal band but this decision is really killing me. I am really not sure if I should bother with a floating trem all over again or not. Which guitar do you believe would be the wisest investment?
i can vouch for the PRS, fantastic guitar.
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If you're switching tunings a lot, you should probably go for the Jackson. If you're staying in relatively the same tuning most of the time, you could get both. Really just depends on what you want. I've played the PRS and it's great; I really liked it. Haven't played the Jackson, but I've looked it up before and it would definitely be the Jackson I would get if I were to buy one.

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A lot of player swear by that jackson sls model, and the hardtail bridge will make you life easier for fast drop tuning
SLSMG. Made In Japan and very nice guitars.
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I say the Jackson
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I hate floating trems with a passion, but I loved the Torero when I played it. Plus, you can always hardtail it by blocking the trem if you decide you don't want/use/need it.
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THe Jackson is the better guitar, objectively. You're getting more for your money with the Jackson and the overall quality is higher. But the PRS has a trem, if those are your thing. So that's what it comes down to really. How much you value having a trem vs generally better quality.
^ +1

though if you really want a trem you can get that with jackson too- the sl3mg, i think, which is more or less teh same thing with an frt-x000.

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SLSMG. Made In Japan and very nice guitars.

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How did you narrow down to those two guitars? They're pretty different beasts. What with one having a trem and the other not, and all. You need to figure out if you want a trem or not. We can't tell you that.

Besides that... the SLS is frickin sick.
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