1. does Youtube take your ownership rights away? Pages such as Facebook or Myspace take your rights over your songs (meaning it's no longer yours). Does Youtube do that too? Is it safe?

2. how can I convert video to mp3?
1. Google it.

2. Google it.

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1. Google it.

2. Google it.

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Facebook do not claim ownership of the things you upload - only the right to use it. And I assume Myspace is the same
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See, an agreement like that with a service like YouTube is essential. Imagine if YouTube allowed you to control how the video would be used. They would need to get your permission each time a person wanted to save it to their profile, post it on their Facebook, etc. They would need to get your permission to attach an ad to it, which is effectively how they run their business. In order for a service like YouTube to work, they need to be able to freely use the content, and to allow their users to manage the content under their terms of service.

However, it is (at least it seems to me) as fair to the creator as it can be. The agreement is non-exclusive, which means that you still may assign permissions and licencing to other parties. That would be necessary if you wanted to make money of it by some other means. You maintain full ownership of your content.

In short, you only allow them to do what they need to be able to do in order for their service to function - nothing more.

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