Well, I'm considering buying a Fender Mustang III. However, the band I'm in has a drummer who believes that he should play as loudly as humanly possible, and uses the heaviest sticks he can find accordingly. My problem is, on a 300 USD budget, I'm looking for a modeling amp with 25+ different effects, that is loud enough to be heard over my fellow bandmates. I believe that the Mustang III fits the bill, being a fantastic all-porpoise (ark ark) amp with tons of different amp emulations and even more effects; however, if there are any alternate amps that might sacrifice a few effects for a boost in loudness, that would be nice to know. Thanks!
It'll do
At home I use mine with the master on 2 (1 equaling no sound) and the preset volumes around halfway for cleans and 1/4 for distorted presets.

Now comes the plethora of people recommending amps

EDIT: Unless you want to go used, that's probably one of the loudest SS modeling amp you can get for the price. Most around the $300 mark range from 50w-100w.
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You might wanna look for a Line 6 Flextone III. You can usually pick one up for about $300, and they're around 150w IIRC. Definitely loud. Lots of modelling choices, and decent tone if you take the time to dial it in.