Can someone confirm if this is a fake Mosrite signature of Johnny Ramones or is the real one made in Japan?

There are Mosrites made in Japan, but they rarely make it over here (US), but they're more common in Australia. They are made by Tokai, though, and have to be exported by a third party or individual to be seen outside of Japan.

In the US, Ed Roman is pretty much the only one who sells them anymore. Try and contact him, through his website.

There is also another UGer who is a huge Mosrite fan and he probably knows more than me about it, but I can never remember his name.
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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If I'm not mistaken, the Mosrite Johnny Ramone Guitar had a Seymour Duncan pickup in the neck with no visible polepieces; just the Duncan "S" logo. That one appears to have a row of polepieces. But other than that, it looks real enough.

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I have a Johnny Ramone Mosrite with a certificate of authenticity. It's white cream and the signature is on the pick plate, not on the body. It's purportedly #29 of 30 from 2000. The signature on the certificate appears stamped and the signature on the plate is covered by a thin plastic film normally left on newly manufactured electronic equipment. So how could Johnny have signed it and then the plastic surface be covered? Smells fishy.