Hey guys,

We, as a band, bought a secondhand Roland SPD-S recently to upgrade our stage performance. There is one thing we want to do wich we don't know if it's possible?

We wanna be able to run a clicktrack through the SPD-S which the drummer can hear but the audience can not.

Does someone have any experience with this?

The way I would do it:
1. Create a wav-file on which the clicktrack is panned all the way to the right and all the samples all the way to the left.
2. Then I would plugin headphones for our drummer (in the 'phones'-output).
3. Then one cable from the 'L (mono)'-output to the PA-system
4. Then connect a cable to the 'R'-output, but not connect it to anything.

I think this way the Pa-system only recieves the samples and our drummer can hear clicktrack in his headphones...does this sound right? I can't really test it...