I'm new on undrstanding wat combo amp is recently i've purchased an unknown brand and it sucks and now im considering of purchasing cubexl 15watts. Is it worth it my pedal is currently a zoom606 and im using an sfx2 hamer and ltd mh50 plz help thanks!
The cubes are great practice amps. Another suggestion would be a Peavey Vypyr 15 or possibly look at some small tube amps.
+1 to the Vypyr. It's incredibly versatile. Plus, it has a lot of effects, if you can at least spring for the Vypyr 30.
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Dont use a modelling pedal with a modelling amp!
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Can u plz tell me the features i could get on a peavey vyper, how much will it cost me?
Vox VT20+

Is `part` tube, has a tube pre-amp I think, but is solid state overall, it's 20w but with the atenuator can go up to 30w, it's got lots of effects and pre-sets too.
Looking at your favorite bands I'd suggest a Blackstar HT1R or HT5R since you didn't list a budget. Don't get modelling amps, they're a waste of money imo.