Here's one that has developed from older material into the intro for an (inevitably long) prog rock song. I've gone a bit wild with 10 tracks - (a bit of violin here, some mellotron there...), I feel this is some of my more better work so I hope you like it.

Influences here are predominently Opeth, Porcupine Tree, King Crimson, Battle Circus, Muse and the music of Sonic Adventure 2 ( ). I'd like to see what you think of that. It'd also be nice if you told me what you thought of the progression/key changes and general abuse of music theory.

The file is mixed for RSE in Guitar Pro 5.2

Update: a few mnor changes have been made
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Not bad at all for an intro! If you continue this way I'm sure you'll do something good that'll make you proud of you.
While the majority of this works for me I'm being completely throw off by the odd harmony in the "intro/solo" section. Looking at your influences (King Crimson in particular I'm thinking) I'm wondering whether you were trying to instill some quirky dissonance in to it... It hasn't worked for me.

You may want to think about changing up some of those chords, either:

1) Reduce it to some simple harmony (aka, get rid of the clashing chords in the keys) or,
2) Look into 7ths and jazz substitutions instead, you can get pretty out there with out things getting messy if you know even a tiny bit of how those two work.

Taking into account the beautiful sound of the first and last sections, an awkward sounding intro/solo section is far too jarring, so I would go for the first option. Of course this is the way I would do it, not necessarily how you would. So feel free to take my comments with a pinch of salt/ignore them/whatever. ^_^

If you feel up to it:

Just curious but did you listen to it in MIDI or a different generation of RSE? I'm quite aware it sounds bizarre in MIDI, but the RSE in Guitar Pro 5.0 is the closest RSE to real instruments imo. Otherwise, please check the upload on my profile.
Guitars & Gear:
Parker Nitefly M
Sumer Metal Driver
Ibanez RGD2120Z
Two Notes Torpedo CAB
I listen to it both on my copy of GP 5.2 and on your profile. Something is still bizarre in there. Might pay to check your chords between parts and against your key sig. Its slightly less bizarre in the profile version, but still

Thank you for checking out mine ^_^
Thanks for the crit.

Intro: Gotta love the ol' VI-IV-V chord progression. Maiden abuse that so much.

Vocals: Are these finished? I think it should continue onwards instead of stopping. You should also add variation for the next half of the vocals (Modulation or harmony would be nice).

Solo: I don't mind the dissonance if at a further point it becomes more consonant. See you could do some really bizarre variation on the piece, such as have a dissonant and evil sounding version (This would be the next time you introduce it), the midway version (The one you have now) and then a shreddy melodic version at the end. Just an idea.

In The Absence Of Colour: Nice. I think you should add inversions onto the last chord with some strings or otherwise when making the transition to the next section.

Overall I have no complaints if the harmony does get explored, and you vary/extend the vocals. Let me know when you've added more and I'll give you another crit.
Thanks for the crit, i may be adding some growling vocals on the more heavey parts like the riff at 41 and in the breakdowns, but i dont think there will be any clean vocals, maybe on the acoustic parts but not sure.

Your song: Really nice intro, like the chords. But i think this part would fit better if it was in the end of a song. The Intro/Solo felt very powerful in the beginning but it would have been so much better with drums. Also i think the bends on the guitar sounded a bit off. Other than that it was nice, just some things i didn't like and would be easy to change.
Cheers for the crit man, I don't have RSE installed so I listened to the mp3 and followed the tab.

I quite enjoyed that, the chord progression was really nice and so was the vocal melody. I thought the strings made the chord progression sound a little cheesy though before the distortion kicked in, nothing necessarily wrong with that, just personal preference. Really liked the distortion line, fairly simple but it was quite effective. Liked the outro acoustic as well.

Nice one man, you should really develop on this.
Intro: Nice acoustic melody, not too weird, not too ''pop''
Solo: A little bit too dissonant in my opinion. I think you should add more ''solo'' things in there, like small licks and meaby even small sweeps would make it much more intresting. And do something with your drum track.
Interlude: I think you should add bass in there and do some variations with the vocal melody. Drums would fit this part too?

Nice idea overall, just continue it and it will be a nice song, im sure! And dont forgot weird time-signatures and rhytms. :P
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