an interesting combo of sounds at work here. i was a little taken aback at first but it seems to fit together quite nicely. the main lead melody is catchy which is always a plus. overall, the guitar riffs are solid and im not sure id change them. the vocals are a little grating in some places. i can see what youre going for but i think you could roll it back a tad and itl sound good, maybe even better. its always pretty easy to experiment vocally over it once you have the music. so maybe youve already done this, or maybe in doing so youll find something you like better. dont get me wrong though, on the whole this is a jammin tune and it sounds good

absoloutley love the guitar tone and vocally quite similar to kurt (a little happier though) , which as a big nirvana fan is fine by me lol, though there was a little bit on the second verse which was a bit too throaty for my liking, but other than that this defenitley something i would happilly listen to on the radio.

Please could you check out this song by my band that i put up earlier? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1501806 thanks
Pretty catchy little classic rock-esque riff, and the solo has some balls to it. The whole song had a sound like it was being played on an old LP or something, but that might just be my crappy speakers. Either way the vintage sound is a good thing. The vocals sound just a little too high in the mix, IMO, but overall it's pretty badass, I think. It's kinda poppy but not plastic.
http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/CloudsofGrass/music/play1066063 c4c?
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Really dig the Classic Rock/Garage Rock feel, and your voice has that Raspy style that would have fit heavily in the late 60s/70s, Nice leads and riffs. Definately a sound up my Alley!

recently Posted a "If i Only Had a Brain(Cover)" in my Profile, its kinda unpolished on the leads...Baby kept crying i did 3 takes, trashed the first 2 before baby got even more pissed!

I like this, Kinda old school rock with a dash of grunge buried in the verses.
I'd have you sing on my tracks any time. =)
The guitars sound live and that's a good thing imo, Mixing is good.
Mate I'm subbing requesting and all kinds.
Mixing wise i have some comments... I like the vocals, shame i can hardly hear them. Give them some punch, throw a compressor at it and have some fun with. I guess with us guitarists we focus on guitar, dont forget the rest. Like... where is the drums? I cant hear them, even if i try... when there's a break i'm like... oh hey there's a drummer, but where did he go in the rest of the song? Get that kick pumping, dont forget a mix is a mix of everything not just the guitar :P

Guitar-wise i would use a broader range, maybe do more panning, get the rhythm and the lead more away from each other.. pan lead right and rhythm left... or anyway you like it.

I would love to hear the result, i love the idea! In fact.. i wouldnt mind doing it for you lol great song! PS did you record the guitars straight into the cpu? I dont hear the amp-sound kinda thing... a 57 fender would be great on the lead for instance.
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Thank you very much for your detailed reply!

I have to agree that the mixing needs lot's of work. As you can probably tell I'm new to the whole mixing process, and even before you replied I have been working on a new mix for this song. The drums definitely need to be bigger in the mix. The vocals aren't sounding too lost in the mix to me at the minute, but it could be a difference of our speakers, or ears I guess. The problem I find is getting the beefy guitar sounds that I want, but still leaving space for everything else. I'm definitely learning quickly though, and my new mix should be much better!
this is awsome as a nirvana and hendrix fan i hear the contrast of the music and it really has potential to be an awsome song vocal were decent but i liked them cause it reminded me of kurt