So, I've been away from this part of the forum for a while, but I guess the length of this song makes up for it :P Anways, here one I finished for my band (other songs below).

Had to upload to Dropbox since it's too big to upload as an attachment here :S http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14177137/the%20epic1.gp5
link doesn't work
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Link is a little glitchy, but worked for me.

Edit: I thought it was pretty good. Feels like some parts were dragged out a bit. I thought the best parts were the interludes with the keyboards and "jazz" dub. Very groovy and melodic.

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Right, I don't have much to say but I enjoyed this, unfortunately I think it suffered in the earlier sections from not having enough of a hook. I don't mean the chorus type hook in a popular music sense, I mean it in the sense of a phrase or idea that grabs me by the throat and forces me to take heed of whats going on hehe. Towards the end of this piece when you introduce some more metallic parts along with those unique keyboard lines I was more hooked (then again that's because I'm on an bit of an avant-garde kick at the moment, not your fault of course).

I think as someone else said it might be the length of some sections.. my advice here would be to throw in some minute variations each time a phrase comes back, that way you won't damage the flow (hell it might not even stand out too much) but it will feel a lot more fluid, if you know what I mean, like all the little quirks and happy mistakes human players introduce.

That being said I seem to remember you saying somewhere that you prefer to create these particular notated forms of your bands songs and merely reference material. Played in a live setting my worries would probably disappear

If you have the time:
Impression of thread title: This is going to suck.
Impression of guitar pro: I really like it, it has all the right keys that make it easy to listen to

One thing though: too much snare can get annoying :p