I'm hoping to buy a bass for christmas or some time around then. I was wondering, what sort of guitar should I get? I'm gonna do a lot of reggae, some red hot chili peppers, and some Tool. What sort of Bass would be best for that? And what brand is the best kind of bass?
whats your budget?
a fender p bass is always a good affordable option,
i just got a used schecter riot 6 for $300 (list price 900) and its absolutely incredible.
the best basses in my opinion are rickenbackers, 70's fenders, and carl thompsons.
a carl thompson will set you back about $8000
I'd go with a Jazz Bass of some sort. I'd suggest trying out the Squier 70's Modified Jazz Bass. You really get excellent quality out of it for the price you pay, and it would be great for your style.
Best brand of bass? This is a very arguable statement, but my personal 3 favorites are Warwick, Musicman, and ESP.
Yup, Jazz bass and flatwounds.

Possible mods, series switch, .1 tone cap, 250k pots.
a bass with P/J pickups.
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Sound's like you might like a Stingray or a Jazz bass.

I'd try getting a Squire VM Jazz or if you'd prefer going for a 'Ray trying getting a used Sterling maybe.