Everyone and their mother says just to do DDU UDU but I know that's not right. I also don't want to just mimic the rhythm of the vocals, I want something that complements it, but I swear all chords don't follow the DDU UDU DDU UDU. Does anyone have a solid strum pattern that works, including for the chorus? I'm going back to the drawing board anyway, I was just hoping for some help

I thought the whole thing was mostly finger picked, or arpeggiated more than simply strummed. Maybe the 12 string part is so prominent in the mix, I haven't noticed the other guitars.
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Why not just watch a video of them playing it...?

I can never get strum patterns from that...they move their hands both down and up, they just don't strum on certain movements, or they'll just strum a bass note or something, and I won't pick it up. I've tried following along like that. If it was filmed at the right angle and with a super fast camera, maybe I would have more luck
You just need to listen and make it up as you hear it. There is no right or wrong way. An extra up here or a down there won't make any difference. Oh and dduudu dduudu is how i learned it but i probably never play it the same way twice! Just make it up, and if in doubt strum more!
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Just make it up, and if in doubt strum more!

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(Am I the only person that hears individual notes being picked, the barre being lifted, and some dragging being done? I mean really, I usually just see trails, nothing imaginary in the auditory like that).

On second thought, I usually quit after the intro. I can't really hit the "G" above middle "C" on "welcome to" with any grace......
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