Hey guys, i have a peavey vypyr amp,yamaha eg-112c guitar and stranger volume pedal. Thers nothing wrong with the pedal when i play clean. But when i play distortion the pedal doesnt control the volume. Its controlling the gain. Is this because my amp is a modelling amp? Im going to be playing live and i need to increase the volume when i play solos. So can you guys help me ! And 1 more thing, is there any way to increase the stiffness of the pedal? Cuz if i touch the pedal it goes down to full volume! Plz help!
Ok. Here's what's happening.
Since you're using the volume pedal before distortion, your Pedal is basically acting like your guitar's volume knob.
As you turn the volume down, the amp gets a weaker signal, so there's not as much distortion on it, because less signal is hitting the amp.
To have it effect volume and not gain, it needs to go after the distortion, which, since you're using the amp's distortion, it would need to go in the FX loop. Which your amp doesn't have.
You're shit outta luck man.
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what the guy above said and
the stiffness can be increased dont exactly know how,ask this in gear customising forum
btw how much did you got it for i am pretty sure its around 30$ and how is the build quality,i am guessing its made out of plastic
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I'm living in India. I bought a stranger volume pedal. Its 500 rupees here. Thats like 10$. The build quality aint that great.