I'm looking at picking up a nylon string guitar on craigslist, something cheap and fun I can bang around on. I'm not taking up classical style or flamenco or anything, but will be playing it just for fun.
So I was hoping any of you pros here could identify this guitar. The guy says there is no brand visible on it, but it is in excellent condition.

Does anyone recognize it? If not, can you tell by the bridge or the image in general the quality of it? I'm not looking for anything amazing, like I said, but is it something that won't fall apart after a month or two?
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Well, i cant identify it, but i just have to ask why your buying a nylon string guitar to bang around on? ive played a couple and i never really liked em. Honestly, if your going on a cheap reliable guitar, get a nice used Gibson or something like that, i played one of those once, to sum it up, the used Gibson greatest acoustic ive ever played.
I already have my share of electric guitars and an acoustic, plus access to many more, the only thing I've never had is a nylon string guitar.
Do you like anime/manga?
PM me about buying the graphic novels I'm trying to sell
Essentially impossible to tell from that shot. Ask the seller if it has a solid wood top, or a laminate. Likewise for the back and sides.
Nylon-stringed guitars are not subject to a lot of stress, as the string tension is low. You would be worried about cracks, worn frets, that sort of thing.
I strongly advise against buying an unbranded guitar without playing it first. Loads of unheard of names and unnamed guitars are on the market, thru online sales, infomercial shows and discount retails, often they are unplayable or will fall apart in short time.
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