Hey everyone

So I have been doing my solo folk music for a while now and I want to start using some media to promote it more. I wana get some suggestions of sites and things I can use to do that. I just wana know what is out there. I know about myspace, facebook, and.... soundcloud although I dont understand it all that well. Ideas? What Would you say would be the best choice to get my music out there.

I am open to using more than one site, but wana gradually move up to that!
I dunno. PM me your music though. Or post it here, w/e.

EDIT: Try Bandcamp.
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Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook (shove it down your friends' throats), UG's recordings/promote forum, go wild.
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Bandcamp would be your best option. Offer a free EP for a couple of weeks and advertise it on Facebook. Also, please post a link (you can't get enough folk on this site).
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