Ok, so here's the go.. I'm doing this music thing for my school in 2 days, I have to play a music piece. I really want to learn something cool to impress everyone! I can't think of any songs though, so I thought where better to ask than the pit. I need a song where the guitar plays the whole time (as I am only allowed to use my guitar, no backingtracks or drummers to back me up). I want something With either a Jimi Hendrix feel to it or a Slash sort of feel to it.. And I know there's bound to be that one douchebag who comments with a "Why don't you play something by Jimi or Slash then, duuurrrr".

Anyone with any idea of a song would be greatly appreciated!
Thankyou in advance
Just do something from Jimi or Slash then ollololololol

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Europa - Carlos Santana

In all seriousness, ^ this right there
Hear my train a coming. Its a Hendrix track he does with an acoustic 12 string, but it plays beautifully on an electric. You might want to conisider singing though (whats the blues without some vox).

Yes I realize its a Hendrix song, but not a full band song.
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Do something by Tommy Emmanuel or something like that.
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uhm, like i always suggest people, somewhere over the rainbow arranged for jazz guitar. otherwise, learn some prog metal if you want to be so impressive, or cover something amazing. or do you just wana fool people and trick them into thinking youre impressive when actually youre not doing anything that impressive? play scale the summit.
I'm doing Alive by Pearl Jam..
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Karnivool - Themata
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Rude Mood by SRV if you have the chops. A good piece. Not very hendrix or slash, but he's influenced them both.
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Well what songs do you already know?
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Rude Mood by SRV if you have the chops. A good piece. Not very hendrix or slash, but he's influenced them both.