You mean that ugly white square with the stereotype eagle design which make totally no harmony with the guitar?

I don't know what the sticker is, but most of them really f*ck up the guitar dude. Seriously.
gettin' that sticker ain't gonna make you charlie simpson. i have a pink bikini, when i wear it, i still look nothing like britney spears... should shave my back hair, that'd help. why would you mess up a nice gibby like that? thats horrible!
AmirT, Basti95 and stepchildusmc, mind your places here please. The op isn't here for you 3 to tell him he's wacked for wanting to put a sticker on his guitar. He'd like to know where to get one. Period. If you don't have anything to offer in the form of assistance, then DON'T POST!

TS, I for one have never seen that particular sticker, nor do I know exactly where you could find one. Have you tried a search of Google Images yet? Perhaps you could get lucky there.