Hey there!

I know I posted something similar yesterday, but I was wondering if anyone knew any reliable sources from whom I can buy this guitar from? (Ibanez Rg870qmz Black ice)
I'm just concerned on me ending up with a fake/damaged guitar.

Oh and also, whats the deal with some sites selling it for 650, and some 730 :|?

If anyone could help me out, that'd be great!

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Hey mate,

Check out Sweetwater.com
I'm not too sure about the low price they're selling it for (IIRC, they should retail at about 900$ ish?) though..

If I were you - I'd go the extra mile and just buy from a reputable shop.

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I'd never buy a guitar online. Amps? Sure. Pedals? Sure. Anything else? Sure. Guitars? No.

You just never know what your getting. You could get an ok guitar, or you could get one that feels like crap. It's just a gamble that I wouldn't recommend taking.
I hear the Ibanez RG Premiums are lot of money for a non-MIJ guitar. When I once asked about them, I was told second hand RG prestiges were the way to go.


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^ heck even new prestiges. you can often get a new prestige for no more than a new premium.

i say that having not tried the premiums... maybe they are great. but even if they are, they have the cheaper trem, which is quite teh achilles heel.
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I picked up 2 premiums at guitarworks last month. I was not that impressed, good solid guitars that looked really nice, but neither comes even close in comfort or playability to my rg1570. I will say they would hold up nicely against my korean made prs se though. Miles of quality above the ARZ line, but not worth it imo.

Price tag in store was 800$ for each, my prestige was $600 used.