This has probably been asked a hell of a lot, but I'm too lazy to search for the threads.

Anyway, I'm looking at getting a Schecter Omen-7 and upgrading the pickups when I have the money. I was thinking about EMG 707's, but then I found Seymour Duncan Blackout's. How do they stack up against each other in terms of sound quality and pickup-y stuff like that?
blackouts are more quiet, have higher output, and are less boomy on the low end, a lot of people love emg 707s, listen to some players that use both sets - dino cazares used emgs, then moved to using blackouts, jeff loomis and rusty cooley have pretty much always used 707s, the guys from unearth are 707 users, after the burial's players use blackouts
What's the Omen got in it now? What do you want out of the pickups?
the Omen starts with Schecter Diamond Plus pickups, which appear to be single coil? I'd like a little metal crunch in the tone, I guess, plus the single coil pickups in the guitar I have annoy the shit out of me with their buzzing.
I have 707s on my hellraiser. Great pickups! I can´t say much about the Blackouts,since I have never tested them.
I guess I'm a sucker for big brand products, cos I do like the idea of having EMG's on my guitar in time. The 707's seem clearer to purchase, but there's a lot more sellers selling Seymour Duncan's on ebay, and since I have to save pocket money for these, it'll be a little while, and I get the idea the SD's are a safer bet (although that's probably irrelevant). The SD's are a little cheaper than the EMG's, but there's two different kinds of the Blackouts, depending on what you're replacing, which is a tad confusing if you're a technical failure like me! A guitar tech would know what he was doing in terms of wiring though, wouldn't he?